Why Pitaya ?

A neat


Authentic and

creative cuisine

Woks cooked

to the minute

Fresh and healthy




Pitaya Resto
🥳 Résultat du jeu concours 🥳
Bravo à Manon Andrieu , la gagnante de notre jeu concours !

🥳 Résultat du jeu concours 🥳
Bravo à Manon Andrieu , la gagnante de notre jeu concours !
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Pitaya Resto
Taguez votre ami qui aime avoir la bouche en feu 🔥🌶

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Pitaya Resto
Indices: 🐄  🌶 🍚

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Pitaya Resto

Avis aux Cachanais, la Thaïlande est plus proche que jamais 🍜🤭!
Revivez en vidéo l'ambiance de l'ouverture de votre restaurant Pitaya Cachan 🥳.
Le voyage est immédiat dès lors que l’on franchit la porte : les ingrédients sont cuisinés minute en face des clients au wok et le décor traditionnel invite directement à la découverte de la culture de rue thaïlandaise. On se retrouve immergé en plein Bangkok.
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Pitaya Resto

Notre franchisé Jean-Phillippe, a décidé d'ouvrir son 2ème resto Pitaya à Biarritz, après le succès de son 1er Pitaya à Bayonne
Apprenez-en plus sur son choix et ses motivations dans cette vidéo exclusive !
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Pitaya Resto
Pas besoin daller loin pour manger un bon thaï.

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That's why They chose us

Enjoy the authentic dishes of a thai restaurant in Lille

Come and enjoy our good Thai cuisine at Pitaya. Why choose to enjoy a meal with us when you want a good Thai restaurant in Lille? With us, it’s as if you were traveling for a meal, through your taste buds, to Bangkok. The flavours of our dishes are reminiscent of traditional Thai street food since we want to combine tradition and modernity. We want to offer you the best, which is why all the products we make you taste in the dishes of our Pitaya restaurants are healthy and fresh. Come, we invite you to an immersion in the heart of Bangkok while staying in Lille.

Where to eat Thai in Lille?

We offer typical dishes of traditional Thai street food. Even if our dishes are quickly made to guarantee you a fast tasting, they are composed with fresh and healthy products. In our Thai restaurant in Lille, we offer essential dishes such as wok, pad thaï, bo bun and many others. We adapt you to your tastes, whether you are carnists or vegetarians, there is something for everyone. From sautéed noodles with red curry chicken and coconut milk, to sautéed vegetables with Thai white rice, we guarantee you a varied choice. Finally, even if we serve street food and our dishes are made to the minute, we guarantee a warm and personalized service. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Where to find Pitaya in Lille?

Our Thai restaurant in Lille is ideally located at the end of rue de Béthune in the heart of the capital of Flanders, near the station and right in the centre of the city. You want to taste a good Asian restaurant? Do not hesitate to come and see us to taste a quality dish on site or to take away or for any other information.